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We work with you to help you do what you do best. We integrate with the tools and systems you’re already using and our team has the experience and skills to surface the data and insights you need, when you need them. 

Push Play delivers what you need to you, your team and your community to share and manage information, access high-quality training and get moving. Our team has decades of experience delivering learning solutions and we bring that experience into every engagement. 

Every organization brings unique challenges and opportunities and that’s why we deliver solutions tailored to each organziation.

Onboarding and training takes staff time and resources that are often needed elsewhere.

That’s where we come in.

Push Play empowers you to deliver smooth, efficient onboarding experiences. New teammates now have one space where they can submit information, access resources and know exactly what needs to happen next, every step of the way.

Once your new teammates are up to speed, Push Play helps them learn and grow with access to training records, credential renewal notifications and learning paths to help them get to the next level. 

Train With The Best

Our partnerships with recreation, sport and health & safety leaders let Push Play seamlessly integrate high-quality training resources into a user’s onboarding path. This means instead of starting from scratch, we’re able to help you push forward with scalable training solutions.

With interactive online courses and knowledge checks, you’ll have confidence that your users are getting the knowledge they need to excel and deliver safe, high-quality experiences for all participants.

Push Play also supports a variety of e-learning formats, so your existing resources can be integrated in a snap. 

We Make It Easy

We work with your existing systems, so you don’t have to change what’s already working for you

    • Customer Relationship and Member Management Systems with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, and Interpodia.
    • E-learning solutions using Adobe Captivate, Brightspace, and Articulate.
    • Integrity Advocate enables secure online exams and gives you peace of mind.
    • Google Maps tools let your leaders easily see who is located where, making it easy to find team members with the right qualifications.
    • Sterling Backcheck delivers seamless, secure background checks.
    • Streamline blended first aid delivery with Saint John Ambulance.
    • Seamlessly update CAC records with our connection to The Locker.

Seamless Integrations

Unified Records Management

Get the tools to break down information silos, saving time and eliminating doubt. When you gather, store and manage your compliance and training data on one platform, there’s no need to ask where your data is or whether a team member’s credentials are current. We also integrate with leading training and credential providers, automating verification and updates by connecting you directly to the source.


  • Take education and training to the next level with fully-featured, interactive online courses.
  • Assign courses directly to users, or curate a menu and let them choose.
  • Options include premier courses from leaders in recreation, sport and health & safety.
  • Flexible models for custom e-learning development. You can even get started without up-front costs with our Quick Start model!


  • Your data is accessible from anywhere, and lives securely on Canadian AWS servers.
  • You will always own your data, and no one can access it without your approval.
  • All credit card transactions are processed by Stripe.
  • AWS servers… safe and secure.

To learn more about how Push Play can help you deliver quality experiences, break down silos and give you back your time, contact us!

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