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Push Play works with content partners that are focused on providing high quality learning solutions to organizations across a variety of content categories. We’re in this together.

Content partners help us raise the standard across all organizations through easy to implement learning plans. With their help, we help support sport and recreation organizations by mobilizing knowledge and breaking information silos so that we can get to what matters: play.

Push Play users can select from your courses in our library and easily bring your content into their learning pathway. Share your knowledge and establish your organization as a leader. Generate revenue through flexible e-commerce and revenue sharing options.

How do we integrate content from partners like you to help organizations move forward?

With Push Play, users are provided with a direct pathway to learning solutions provided by you. This includes a simple content marketplace that allows provides organizations access to your resources. We provide access to a variety of delivery modalities including online, blended, and in-person learning opportunities. Your content is then delivered directly to the people that need it, with monetization options suited to your needs. 

Content Development Services

Our professional instructional designers work with your organization to understand your content and provide a delivery pathway. We put the right content into the right hands, supporting learners and your organization all at the same time.

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